Plant-based-vegan-vegetable-non-dairy what?

Over time, 'vegan food' or 'vegetarian food' has, for some people, sounded like 'not very good food'. But chefs are now proving time and again that some of the best food on the planet can be purely made of plants.

As a response, some people try to describe purely vegetable food as 'plant food' or 'plant-based' food. This can be confusing. So perhaps some definitions are in order:

Plant food or Plant-based food  - Normally taken to mean purely vegetable food with no animal products, but with less emphasis on the ethical angle than describing the food as vegan or vegetarian

Vegetable-forward food - Food that brings vegetables to the fore in a much more prominent way, but may still contain meat and other animal products. This could be a menu that features mostly 100% plant-food dishes, or dishes that focus much more on the vegetable ingredients than any animal products.

Vegetarian food - food that has no meat, but may have dairy products like milk or cheese, and depending on the definition, eggs, occasionally fish. Vegetarian food could be very "healthy" or completely junky.

Vegan food - food without animal products of any kind, for example no dairy, no egg, no meat or fish, no stocks or sauces containing animal products. Depending on the person, no honey. Vegan food can be very "healthy" or completely junky.